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HepaRG®細胞は、フランス国立衛生医学研究所 (INSERM)が特許を保有し、BIOPREDIC International社(フランス)がglobalライセンスを受けているヒト肝腫瘍由来細胞株です。ヒト肝細胞様形態を呈し、初代ヒト肝細胞の多くの特徴を保持しているため代替モデルツールとして用いられています。

本製品はBIOPREDIC社の凍結HepaRG®をプレートに播種したReady-to-useの状態でお届けいたします。使用に際してはHepaRG® Limited Use Licenseへ同意が必要となります。


  • 納品の翌日、翌々日が試験日(水曜納品、木・金曜試験)最適使用期間2日間

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191128 well8 2574.jpg

【HepaRG®細胞プレート製品 (Cat. No. HPR126) 内容 (1プレートあたり) 】

  • 細胞プレート

  • 培養用培地  30 mL



【HepaRG® Limited Use License】

HepaRG® Cells are patented and their use is strictly limited; consider the Cells as a single-use, disposable product that must be destroyed upon the conclusion of an experiment. Propagating, reproducing, cloning, subcloning, or any other use of the cells following the conclusion of a study is prohibited. Use of the Cells to produce or manufacture commercial products for general sale or for use in the manufacture of products intended for general sale is prohibited, and their use is strictly limited to in-vitro studies. With the exception of Cells cultured and exposed to chemicals in the recipient facility and then sent to a collaborating laboratory for analytical purposes, transfer of the Cells to anyone not employed in the same organization or not in the same facility, whether for financial benefit or not, is prohibited.  In such cases the recipient bears the responsibility to ensure that the collaborating analytical laboratory disposes of the Cells immediately upon conclusion of its analytical studies with the Cells. No resale of the product for any use is allowed. Recipient has no right to transfer, propagate, modify, derivatize, genetically engineer or otherwise create variations of the Cells.  For sake of clarity, use of the Cells in contract studies is permitted provided that all restrictions herein on transfer of the Cells are followed.  If you are unwilling to accept the terms of this LULA, do not order or use the Cells, and if you have received them, return them immediately for credit. Violators of this LULA will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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