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SLC  Transporter  Products

Human OATP1B1 GM1002

Human OATP1B3 GM1006

Human OAT1 GM1003

Human OAT3 GM1004

Human OCT1 GM1008

Human OCT2 GM1005

Human MATE1 GM1014

Human MATE2K GM1015

Human NTCP GM1013

Mock GM1001



* Current FDA and PMDA recommended SLC drug transporters

* Please  contact us for other transporters not listed in the above chart. 

Product Features

Cryopreserved format provides flexibility for experimental planning.

Cells are readily available and stored in liquid nitrogen container.

Consistent with our stable cell lines.

One vial contains 1 ×10^7 cells and supports one 24-well plate.

Cells are  shipped with liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper.

Cells can be thawed, plated and assayed in just two days.

The products are licensed with the patent.


For more information about the licensing of stable SLC transporter cell lines, pleasecontact us directly or through our sales agencies.



Transporter Transiently Expressing Cell Lines We offer transporter transiently expressing cell lines.


SLC transporters are located in the small intestine, liver, kidney, blood-brain barrier, and so on. They play a role inthe uptakeof various drugs, as well as endogenous nutrients, into cells, andthus may influence the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) properties of, or adverse reactions to, a compound of interest. Thus, investigations of SLC transporters are expected to be helpful during drug development.

Products  Lineup

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