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 December 2nd, 2019

 【Announcement of the New Product】

TRANSi PORT  (G) Cells series expressing higher transport activities

The New series of TRANSiPORT (G) cells expressing higher activities than the current series are now available.

For more details, please contact each distributor in your region.  


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 February 8th, 2019

GenoMembrane announces the termination of License Agreement with QPS Holdings

GenoMembrane Co., Ltd. announces the termination of License Agreement for Cell Line License for Contract Research Services with QPS Holdings, LLC as of February 1st, 2019, which granted QPS Holdings, LLC non-exclusive license to use mammalian cell lines expressing corresponding SLC transporters established by GenoMembrane for contract research services in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Taiwan.

Under the terms of the license termination, QPS Holdings, LLC is not allowed to conduct their research services with the cell lines provided by GenoMembrane Co., Ltd.


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July 20th, 2018

Thank you for visiting our booth in 22nd North American ISSX Meeting!

We had our booth opened in 22nd North American ISSX Meeting as follos.

Meeting Held : From July 15th of 2018 through 19th

Booth Opened : From July 15th of 2018 through 18th

Place : Palais de congrès de Montréal (Montreal, Canada)

Our Booth: No. 409

We will be waiting for your visit at our booth!



 December 14th, 2017

GenoMembrane announces collaboration with DefiniGEN to further develop iPS-derived intestinal organoids for drug absorption and transportation assay models

GenoMembrane Co. Ltd., the world leader in drug transporter production, announces the business collaboration with DefiniGEN, a Cambridge-based company who is specializes in human iPSC differentiation and disease modelling using CRISPR gene editing technology. DefiniGEN’s iPS-derived intestinal organoids can provide a unique in vitro system to model the human intestine. The organoids can be applied to various applications such as drug absorption, metabolism, and induction of CYP enzymes/transporters, as well as the modelling of infectious disease. GenoMembrane and DefiniGEN will co-develop ready-to-use intestinal absorption and transportation models to be evaluated by pharmaceutical companies as these next-generation iPS organoid products will help to improve the efficiency and economics of drug development to be the next innovative model for drug toxicity studies.

Mr. Kazutaka Muraguchi, CEO, GenoMembrane commented, “Collaboration with DefiniGEN will create innovative in vitro tools useful for drug development in pharmaceuticals as iPS cell can provide stable lots of differentiated human intestinal cell with same characteristics. We are very excited as this invention will be the blend of both companies’ technologies.”

Dr. Marcus Yeo, CEO, DefiniGEN commented, “These next-generation iPS-derived intestinal organoids will enable ADMET studies to be undertaken in a physiologically relevant environment to improve the predictive power of preclinical safety assessments. We look forward to partnering with GenoMembrane on this project and developing an innovative model for drug toxicity studies.”

About GenoMembrane Co.,Ltd.

GenoMembrane was founded in 2002 to commercialise drug transporters. The Company has world-leading expertise in the area of drug transporter production. The application of these products in drug development provides pharmaceutical companies with more predictive and effective in vitro drug transportation/excretion modelling.


About DefiniGEN Ltd. 

DefiniGEN was founded in 2013 to commercialise OptiDIFF, the stem cell production platform developed at the University of Cambridge, UK. The Company has world-leading expertise in the area of iPSC-derived human cell production and metabolic disease modelling. The application of these technologies in drug discovery provides pharmaceutical companies with more predictive in vitro cell products enabling the development of safer and more effective treatments. In addition, the technology platform utilises fully defined and humanised conditions required for the development of regenerative medicine cellular therapies. DefiniGEN builds on intellectual property and knowledge resident at the University of Cambridge Regenerative Medicine Department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and has in-licensed the Yamanaka induced pluripotent stem cell IP portfolio from iPS Academia Japan Inc.



 March 30th, 2017

Introducing Optivia Biotechnology, Inc., our new distributor in the US and Canada!

GenoMembrane Co., Ltd. and Optivia Biotechnology, Inc. entered into distribution agreement.

Optivia Biotechnology, Inc. is an award-winning and innovative contract research organization (CRO), offering drugtransporter research services and solutions to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic organizations.

Please see  
its  website  for more information.

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