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Genomembrane Co., Ltd. was established as a bio-tech venture company in April, 2002, by a group of scientists. GenoMembrane’s aims are to provide transporter-related products and services that will be useful in the development and design of novel drugsfor clinical application.

With the progress of research on the function of transporters as drug carriers, it has become increasingly important to takeaccount of their effects at an early stage during drug development in order to minimize the costs associated with unsuccessfuldrugs.

GenoMembrane also provides research tools and collabrates for the pharmacological evaluation of drug candidates to minimizecosts, help improve the success rate of candidate drugs, and speed up new drug development.

* GenoMembrane distributes our new products information including the latest news to customers who are interested in ourproducts by e-mail.

Anyone with an e-mail address can subscribe to the service for free of charge.

If you have any questions or want to subscribe our mail news, please send a message to  info@genomembrane.com.

GenoMembrane will only collect your personal information by appropriate and fair means and will not use your personalinformation beyond the scope of the purpose of use.